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About Keep Her Safe

Our Mission is to reduce rape and sexual assault by helping to establish more automated parking systems throughout the United States. 

Rear Admiral James B. Whittaker, Founder, Keep Her Safe

Keep Her Safe is a Virginia Corporation established by Rear Admiral James B, Whittaker, US Navy (retired).

His experience includes 31 years in the Navy. Major assignments included Program Manager for several years to upgrade Navy logistics support systems including responsibility for contracts valued at more than four billion dollars. He also reported to the U.S. Congress for several years to substantially improve inventory accuracy on inventory valued at more than $150 billion.


Private sector jobs the past 30 years included COO of a small information technology firm, board member for a small mutual fund, President of a small automated parking system company, board member for five years on the largest credit union in the world and consultant and board member for more than 25 years on a billion dollar defined benefit pension plan that is over 40% over funded.

An Interview with Rear Admiral James B. Whittaker

When and Why did you create the nonprofit Keep Her Safe?

I have 2 granddaughters that I want to protect. Congressional spending of more than 10 billion dollars (VAWA-Violence  Against Women Act) in the last 25 plus years on process and training is not the only way to stop rape and sexual assault on women. Small investment over time in automated parking systems will be effective in saving several thousand women a year in this country from sexual assault. 

Do you believe that automated parking systems will stop assault?

No, it will not stop sexual assault but it is an important enough issue to save several thousand women a year with a small investment.

What is your long term goal for the nonprofit?

The long term goal for the nonprofit is to educate the US population that rape and sexual assault stats are increasing 20 % in the past several years which is an unsatisfactory occurrence. My goal is to flatten the curve and save many women.

What are the advantages of having an automated parking garage?

There are several important advantages:

  • 50% less land required

  • An equal or  cheaper price than a old ramp garage

  • A 60-70% reduction in pollution from cars in the garage

  • Most importantly since there are no bad guys hidden in the garage, a 100% reduction in rape and assault

Do you have plans that builders can use to create these garages?

We do not have plans but there is an already established industry in the US and Worldwide with automated parking systems that we would like to partner with.

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