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Increase the understanding of the American people to the seriousness of the rape and sexual assault crimes in the country and reduce the acts in the future by the support of building automated parking systems throughout the country.

How can you reduce rape and sexual assault in the USA by building automated parking garages?

  • In one 5 year period (2004-2008), the Department of Justice reports that there was an average of more than 2 million property victimizations in parking lots and garages an average of more than 5,400 a day.
  • In addition, there were more than 400,000 victimizations of men and women per year in parking lots and garages.
  • In 2014, FBI statistics show that there were more than 1,400 sexual assaults in US parking lots and garages.
  • If CDC statistics are more accurate, there could be more than 7,000 sexual assaults annually in the US.
  • Although the reduction in sexual assaults is 100%, investment in automated parking garages also provides a reduction in pollution of more than 70% and a reduction in the land required to park one car more than 50%.